Lumedica Vision Ranked Third Most Fundable Company in America

DURHAM, NORTH CAROLINA – Lumedica Inc., a privately held company focused on improving access to eye care by creating low-cost, high performance, Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) systems for research and clinical applications, was awarded Third Place in Pepperdine University’s Graziado Business School annual survey of the Most Fundable Companies. 

Over 3,500 early-stage companies were evaluated as part of the survey in 2019. Winning companies were chosen based on the viability of their business model, size of addressable market, management team expertise, board of advisors, and competitive advantage in their market.

During the final stages, high potential companies were invited for an interview with our selection team and the winners are announced. 

Lumedica Vision’s presentation focused on the viability of their patented, low-cost eye disease screening device which uses Optical Coherence Tomography, or OCT. OCT is currently the gold standard screening tool for retinal eye diseases, but remains out of reach for many health providers worldwide. Lumedica’s affordable, accurate eye-screening device will be affordable, easy-to-use and help prevent blindness in under-served populations worldwide.

“We’re so grateful for the recognition by the team at the Graziado Business School and find others getting as excited as we are about the trajectory of our company and technologies,” said Lumedica Vision founder, Dr. Adam Wax. “It’s also been very constructive to receive feedback from members of the entrepreneurial and investment experts.”

A complete list of winners was published in Entrepreneur Magazine’s December 2019 Issue.

About Lumedica

Lumedica is comprised of believers and builders of affordable healthcare technologies. With a proven track record in scientific innovation and product development, Lumedica creates affordable light-based scientific and medical instruments that deliver accurate diagnostic results.

Leveraging off-the-shelf and custom imaging components, Lumedica is able to make diagnostic devices cheaper, more durable, and easier to distribute. Our first initiative is building a novel, patented device to administer OCT (Optical Coherence Tomography) technology — the gold standard for retinal imaging — to detect chronic, asymptomatic eye diseases. The company was founded in 2014 based on research conducted at Duke University’s BIOS Laboratory. Other technologies and innovations are in the development pipeline.

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